Waking up to who we really are.
Allowing our true nature to arise.

The meditative practice is getting intimate to our moment to moment experience and allowing the expansion and contraction of phenomena to occur without resistance. We learn to be the flow with the flow.

We learn to observe and reduce the need to react to everything that touches our awareness.

We explore our own nature and reestablish the connection between body, mind and spirit as one. 

Meditation is learning to die by learning to live.

A Practice for Awakening

Mindfulness Courses and Free Weekly Sessions

I’m currently facilitating weekly meditations at Stay Mindful. Meet me on Tuesdays at 17h (WET).

You can also join to the 6-week course for establishing your meditation practice into your daily life.

Use your Concentration with Intention

Healing Meditation

A 2-hour session for raising your frequency and welcoming healing energies to fill your body cells.

Manifestation Meditation

A 2-hour session for tuning your frequency with the best optimal timeline for your life.

Let's talk, let's sit together!