Mind Surfing

Mind surfing is a meditation technique that helps you bring awareness about the body movements and the environment before jumping into the water for surfing.

Bring concentration and clarity to your session. Allow confidence and tranquility to arise when surfing. Allow yourself to access the state of flow for boosting your practice.

Surfing (In) Your Mind

Thinking of Surfing and actually Surfing is the same for your brain.

Having a physical experience and imagining it are the same for your brain. Your brain does not distinguish between actual action and thinking about it.

The areas of your brain involved in the process get highlighted whether you do it or you imagine yourself doing it.


Train Your Mind For Surfing Through Guided Meditation

  • Explore your feelings and beliefs about your surfing practice.
  • Observe your possible body sensations and reactions when in the water.
  • Recognize the parts of your body involved in the movements you need to perform.
  • Contemplate the stories that you tell yourself which prevents your improvement.

Mind Surfing Meditation

Riding the Wave

Soon I will be sharing a 20-min meditation that will guide you for riding waves in your mind.


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