Meditative Life In The City


If we pay attention carefully we can realise that the urban landscape can be rich and fun playground for training concentration and equanimity. Whether you are commuting to a work meeting or going out for a coffee. There’s always an opportunity to follow the moment by moment.

I. Sounds: an inattentive observation of sounds that surround us at a given space might look repetitive and uniform. It may feel like background music at a loud bar, or just useless distractions. When bringing your attention to your ears and allowing the waves of sounds to reach out to you openly, you might discover the layers and layers that are actually taking place.

II. Textures: our hands scan over and over again the surface of many artificial artefacts. Metallics, plastics, fabrics, fluids, powders, and more. We hug ourselves everyday to find out our skin has changed, like a snake. Engaging to the readings of this sensations can expand the perceptual dimension of this designed reality.

III. Movements: the pendulum of change is always available for dancing. Rhythm appears in cars drifting in highways, people entering and leaving a metro station, and planes landing at the scheduled vibe. Inspecting this breathing ecosystem that feeds from our steps is like contemplating an anthill.

If we keep digging on this list, maybe we might come to conclude that the city is just another spectrum of nature.

Keep checking…


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