Surfing Consciousness!

Hi! I’m Dan Padrino, meditation instructor, surfer and communication passionate. In 2019 I co-founded Stay Mindful with Yaknel (Yakahstangi). I’ve been facilitating Mindfulness Meditation since then. (I’m also a Sagittarius sun, Gemini rising, Taurus moon, Enneagram Personality Type 7).

I’m interested in surfing consciousness through meditation and other practices that can be beneficial to our daily lives. I’m curious about electronic music, mind states, human multidimensionality, astral projection, awareness expansion, psychedelics, entheogens, and planetary transition.

I have a background in Communication as I earned a Bachelor Degree on Social Communication and worked in several projects related to the field.

A Caribbean native (Venezuela), I now live in South Lisbon, Portugal.

Let's talk, let's sit together!