Meditative Life In The City


If we pay attention carefully we can realise that the urban landscape can be rich and fun playground for training concentration and equanimity. Whether you are commuting to a work meeting or going out for a coffee. There’s always an opportunity to follow the moment by moment. I. Sounds: an inattentive observation of sounds that […]

Surfing Is Mental


The waves are the object of meditation. The mind directs attention to the waves. We get distracted, we realise we got distracted. We come back to the waves. There’s something different in this one that is coming. I might not paddle it. It passed underneath me. Next one is coming. I can see it forming […]

Your Emotions Like Waves


Walking on the sand, hanging with the wind You can find a mirror, a huge reflecting mass Can you see the waves and realise how do you resonate with them? It’s the water that reigns emotions. Notice intensity, depth, frequency. Just like waves, your emotions flow within. Can you feel it? Look at the ocean […]